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Bosonization for beginners – Overview

Bosonization for beginners
Lecturer: Jan von Delft

These tutorial lectures give an elementary and self-contained derivation of the standard identities (psi ~ F e^{i phi}, etc.) for abelian bosonization in 1 dimension in a system of finite size L. The tutorial is based on Ref. [1] and addressed to an audience (e.g. Master or doctoral students) with little or no prior knowledge of bosonization, who are interested in seeing “all the details” explicitly. Prerequisites are a knowledge of second quantization, but not of field theory (which is not needed here).
[1] Bosonization for Beginners --- Refermionization for Experts, J. von Delft and H. Schoeller, Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 7, 225-305 (1998), https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.cond-mat/9805275

Lecture Notes
Lecture 1: Introduction. 1d fermions. 1d bosons.
Lecture 2: Bosonization identity.
Lecture 3: Odds and ends