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Biophysics of Macromolecules – Tutorial

Tutorials for "Biophysics of Macromolecules" (Übungen zur Vorlesung)

  • Since the class is taught online, we will not hand out or collect paper problem sets.
  • Problem sets are made available on this website as PDFs.
  • I strongly encourage everyone to try to solve the problems during the week before they are discussed.
  • We will discuss the solutions via Zoom, mostly on Thursdays (but we will keep this somewhat flexible, depending on content, public holidays, etc.). In addition, I will upload solutions to this site.
  • During the discussion, students can present their solution to a problem for extra credit. Each problem is up to 5 points. Total extra credit possible per person is 10 points. These points will be added to your final exam score.
Problem set Solution Online Discussion
Problem set 1 [PDF] Solution PS 1 [PDF] April 15 April 22

Problem set 2 [PDF]
Review article by
Richardson & Richardson,
Biophys J. 2014 [PDF, with password]

Solution PS 2 [PDF]

April 22

April 29

Problem set 3 [PDF]

Paper Nojima, et al.,
JMB (1977) [PDF, with password]
Data for T. thermophilus PGK [text]
Data for yeast PGK [text]

Data from Maeda, et al.
NAR (2000) [text]


Solution PS 3 [PDF]


April 29


May 6

Problem set 4 [PDF]

Solution PS 4 [PDF]

May 17

May 20

Problem set 5 [PDF]

Solution PS 5 [PDF]

May 20

June 10

Problem set 6 [PDF]

Solution PS 6 [PDF]

June 10

June 17

Problem set 7 [PDF]

Solutions PS 7 [PDF]

June 17

July 1