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Emergence of Life in the Universe – Übersicht

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Monday 14.15 - 16.45 online via Zoom

---- The lecture will be started under this Zoom link ----

We will explore the the Emergence of life from the perspective of Astrophysics, Organic Chemistry and Non-equilibrium Physics. It is a 3 hour lecture followed by a one hour seminar, yielding in total 6 ECTS. The lecture is geared towards master students, but also open to other disciplines and backgrounds. The lecture is part of the Biophysics Program of the Physics Master.

It will be tested by an oral exam over zoom at Friday Sept. 11th 2020. Please email dieter.braun@lmu.de to grab a slot in the exam. Please send me a PDF of the fully filled out Schein by email before the exam. The mark will be a weighted average of your impression in the Seminar and the oral exam. The oral exam will be on above Zoom link. Here are the slots as of Tuesday, :


We divide the topic into the following topics:
- Universe to Planets with Mark Hutchison (4 lectures)
- Early Geochemistry with Bettina Scheu (1 Lecture)
- Chemistry of Life with Oliver Trapp (4 lectures)
- Nonequilibrium for Evolution with Dieter Braun (4 lectures)
- Microfluidics and Finite element simulations with Christof Mast (1 lecture)

Seminar topics and Papers as Zip New Geoscience Papers Topics: 1-Dust evolution in protoplanetary disks 2-Hydrodynamics of embedded planets 3-Imaging protoplanetary disks 4-Missing braking catastrophe in protostellar magnetohydrodynamics 5-Keeping chemistry in non-equilibrium 6-The difficulties and advantages of RNA worlds 7-The special stability of RNA bases under UV 8-Recombination of RNA in ice 9-Novel synthesis pathway to Nucleosides 10-Possibilities for Origin of life at heated water-air interfaces 11-Information loss in ligation 12-Arguing for a role of thermophoresis at the origin of life 13-Symmetry breaking in sequence space by ligation.

If you want to switch to above new Geoscience papers, send me an email: dieter.braun@lmu.de

The recorded Zooms are found on LMUCast soon after each lecture

Time Table:

20.4. Universe to Planets 1 (Keynote, PDF, LMUCast) (Mark Hutchison)

27.4. Universe to Planets 2 (PDF, LMUCast) (Mark Hutchison)

4.5. Universe to Planets 3 (PDF, LMUCasst as above) and start of the Seminar (Mark Hutchison)
Seminar #1 David Rufer and Sandro Paetzold (PDF of talk)

11.5. Universe to Planets 4 (PDF) (Mark Hutchison)
Seminar #2 Marina Cano and Marko Andlar, #3 Alice Young and M Moussine (PDF of Seminar)

18.5. Geochemistry (PDF) (Bettina Scheu)
Seminar #5 Benedikt Nißl

25.5. Chemistry of Life 1 (Oliver Trapp - Link to all his lectures)
No Seminar

1.6. No Lecture due to Pfingstmontag!!

8.6. Chemistry of Life 2 (Oliver Trapp - Link to all his lectures)
Seminar #6 Eleftheria Giagnisi and Dina Yusupova

15.6. Chemistry of Life 3 (Oliver Trapp - Link to all his lectures)
Seminar #14 (Geoscience building blocks) Victor Lee

22.6. no lecture

29.6. at 14.15 (regular time!)
Chemistry of Life 4 (Oliver Trapp - Link to all his lectures)
Seminar #8 Apolline and Leopold Brünnig
Seminar #9 Felix Brandner and Georg Ladurner

6.7. Nonequilibrium for Evolution 1+2 (Dieter Braun, Slides Part A, Slides Part B1)
Molecular evolution, definition of living system, RNA world.
Accumulation with temperature differences, PCR-based replication and selection in a temperature difference, accumulation at water-air interfaces.
Seminar #10 Paul Waldmann and Markus Schöttle

13.7. Nonequilibrium for Evolution 3 (Dieter Braun, Slides Part B2)
Strand separation with air-water and CO2-water interfaces at high salt concentration, Overview over ligation chemistry,
Phase transitions with Oligonucleotides, UV selection of sequences.
Seminar #11 Linus Weigand and Joachim Rössner

20.7. Nonequilibrium for Evolution 4 (Dieter Braun, Slides part C)
Error threshold, hypercycles, cooperative ligation.
Seminar #12 Paula Aikkila


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