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Advanced Methods for the Physics of Early Evolution (Master) – Übersicht

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Friday 10.15-12.00, N020 Kleiner Physikhörsaal

We will highlight recent results on recreating the emergence of the first replicating systems on early Earth. The course is aimed to give in introduction in recent experimental and theoretical approaches in both the Christof Mast and Dieter Braun lab. We will present and critically comment on most recent topics and give a hands on introduction to this intriguing and highly cross-disciplinary field. It is a 2 hour lecture, 3 Credit Points. The lecture is for Master students and open to other discilines such as Geoscience and chemistry. The lecture is offered within the Biophysics Program of the Physics Master.


20.10.: Introduction and overview (talk)

27.10. Screening of Origin of Life National Geographic Movie and the recent Arte contribution: with PI soundtrack (Dieter Braun)

3.11. Ribozymes at air-water interfaces (Annalena Salditt, Paper)

10.11. Thermophoretic traps for early evolution and simulating them (Christof Mast, complete package)

17.11. Making thermal microfluidics and heated 96 well plates: design and manufacturing (Christof Mast, complete package)

24.11. Pure System and Vesicle formation at heated air-bubble (Alexander Floroni)

1.12. Amino acids enhancing RNA polymerization by base catalysis and under long term wet-dry cycling (Saroj Rout and Sree Wunnava)

8.12. Replication of 6mers on 36mers with amino acid enhancement (Felix Dänekamp)

15.12. LC-MS basics and analysis (Sree Wunnava)

22.12. Chirality selection and Ligation with 2',3' cyclic phosphate (Sree Wunnava)

12.1. Introduction to geoscience methods (Thomas Matreux)

19.1. TBA (Dieter Braun)

26.1. Phosphorylation of 2’,3’-cyclic nucleotides and their recycling (Juliette Langlais)

2.2. TBA

9.2. TBA





Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Dieter Braun