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Vorlesung und Seminar: Soft Matter Physics – Lecture

Soft Matter Physics

All power-point slides and scripts are available in the accompanying moodle course.

If you are registered for the course in LSF (instructions), but cannot login to the moodle page, please contact Johannes Heyn.


Mon 12.04.21 lecture 1: Introduction
Forces, energies and timescales in condensed matter
Introduction to seminar topics 


Tue 13.04.21 lecture 2: Brownian motion: Colloidal particles in fluids
Single particle in a liquid, Brownian motion, Perrin's experiment

Mon 19.04.21 lecture 3: Colloidal Interactions
Van der waals forces, electrostatic interaction, the electric double layer, DLVO theory
colloidal probe techniques

Tue 20.04.21: lecture 4: Colloidal dispersions
entropic forces, osmotic pressure, depletion forces, hard sphere model

Polymers & Gels

Mon 26.04.21 lecture 5: Polymers: Chain conformation and thermodynamics
Random coil, Gauss chain, radius of gyration, form factor
force-extension relation, entropic spring, Langevin function

Mon 03.05.21 lecture 6:  Polymers: Linear viscoelasticity
viscoeleasticity, creep compliance, stress relaxation, special cases of non-linear viscoelastic behavior

Mon 10.05.20  lecture 7: Dynamic scaling
Reptation, rouse dynamics, percolation, Flory-Stockmaier-theory of gelation

Liquid Crystals & Molecular Self Assembly

Mon 17.05.21 lecture 8: Phase transitions
Polymer blends, mixing and demixing, spinodal decomposition, diblock-copolymers  

Mon 31.05.21 lecture 9: Liquid cyrstals
liquid crystal phases, thermotropic, lyotropic liquid crystals, isotrop-nematic transition
(Maier-Saupe, Onsager), topological defects, electric properties, displays 

Mon 08.06.21 lecture 10 Lipid Bilayers Biopolymers -
Membranes and vesicles, elasticity of membranes, lipid mixtures
DNA, proteins, protein folding, filaments, filament growth

Active Matter & Locomotion

Mon 14.06.21 lecture 11 Active Matter
motors, swimmers, active particles 

Mon 24.05.21 holiday

Mon 21.06.21 lecture 12 Active Matter

Mon 28.06.21 lecture 13 Soft Matter Concepts & Cell Migration

Mon 05.07.21 lecture 14 Soft Matter Concepts & Cell Migration