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Introduction to Nanophotonics – Overview

  • Overview

About the lecture

Time and place

Lectures: Tuesdays 14:00-16:00 c.t.
Tutorials: Thursdays 14:00-16:00 c.t.

Format: Presential lectures (Conference Room, Nanoinstitut Munich, Königinstraße 10, ground floor) and tutorials (Seminar room Alpenblick, Nanoinstitut Munich, Königinstraße 10, 4th floor)

Moodle link: https://moodle.lmu.de/course/view.php?id=30196

Lectures start on October 17th, Tutorials start on October 26th

Note: If you would like to attend this course and wants to apply for getting the correspnding credits, please also register for the Tutorials in the LMU online course system at https://lsf.verwaltung.uni-muenchen.de/


Tutorials and grading

Your total grade will be composed of the grades of 3 exercise sheets distributed along the semester and the grade of a 12-15 minutes long talk you'll give on a topic defined 2 weeks before the talk. Specifically, the talk presentation will make up 70% of your grade while the grades of your handed-in exercise sheets make up the remaining 30%.

The following topics of nanophotonics will be covered

  • Review of macroscopic electromagnetism, dielectric function, evanescent fields
  • Propagation, focusing, resolution and localization
  • Confined matter: quantum effects on the electronic structure of matter
  • Nanophotonic materials systems, localized surface plasmons
  • Molecular sensing
  • Metamaterials and metasurfaces
  • Weak and strong coupling, photonic density of states
  • Dielectric nanocavities I: Mie modes
  • Dielectric nanocavities II: bound states in the continuum
  • Confined light: photonic crystals and optical microcavities
  • Quantum emitters, single photon sources

In addition, selected topics of current research will be discussed.

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Prof. Leonardo Menezes