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Digital electronics in the lab, practical course – Übersicht

Designed for:
Bachelor students of the physics program 5th & 6th semester
Master students of the physics program
6 Credits

Location and time:
We. 14:00 - 17:00 at Oettingenstraße 67, rooms D005 and D006

Team: Prof. R. Kersting & NN

Main purposes:
- hands-on introduction to circuit fabrication
- introduction to measurement technology
- giving you the opportunity to fabricate a circuit

- lab tables, soldering stations, tools, ...
- multimeters, power sources, oscilloscopes, frequency generators, ...
- boolean logic, sequential logic, counters, multiplexers, VCOs, PLLs, MUCs, ...
- resistors, capacitors, transistors, op amps, ...

- register by Email to the course supervisor or via LSF
- mind that there are only 10 lab places
- lab coordinators: R. Kersting and N.N.