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F,T6: Stochastic Dynamics of Particles and Fields – Overview



This lecture is intended as an introduction to the theoretical concepts used in describing stochastic physical and biological systems. It builds on the course "thermodynamics and statistical mechanics". The course starts with an introduction into the the theories of stochastic processes and analytical as well as numerical methods for analyzing stochastic dynamics. These methods are of particular importance in the molecular world of cellular systems but have broad range of applications far beyond biologically relevant systems.

This preliminary table of contents of the lecture notes can serve as an overview of the course's topics.


If not stated otherwise, the lecture takes place on

  • Thursday, 12:00 c.t. – 14:00, in room A348 Theresienstr. 37
  • Friday, 12:00 c.t. – 14:00, in room A348 Theresienstr. 37

The first lecture takes place on 20.10.2022.

Credits: 4 SWS lecture + 2 SWS exercise class, 9 ECTS

Prerequisites: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

The lecture is held in person and also streamed online. However, in the spirit of dialogue, we recommend coming in person.

Zoom Link for first lecture (20.10.2022, 12:00 CEST)

The Zoom link for the remaining lectures will only be shared via Moodle.


All relevant information and planning of the lecture will take place on Moodle. To enrol in the Moodle course, please register in LSF first – you will receive the enrollment key after the first lecture. If you missed the registration deadline on LSF or haven't received the key by Oct 24, please contact s.angerpointner@physik.lmu.de.