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Seminar: Quantum Computation and Simulation with Ultracold Matter – Übersicht

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Lecturers: Dr. Timon Hilker, Dr. Johannes Zeiher

In the seminar, we will discuss a selection of recent scientific publications in the field of quantum computation and simulation with ultracold matter. We will cover different experimental platforms as well as related theoretical concepts.
Every participant will select one paper, work through the content together with an expert mentor and present the work to the group. The goal is to obtain insight into the fast-paced landscape of quantum computation and quantum simulation. In addition, the participants will learn how to extract information from scientific publications and present the results in front of an audience.




The seminar is targeted to Master students in Physics and related areas. Interested Bachelor students are also welcome. Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics is required.

Time and place:

Thursday, 16:00 s.t. at MPQ in the Herbert Walther Hörsaal, Hans-Kopfermann Str. 1, 85748 Garching

Kickoff meeting: 20.10.2022, 16:00 s.t. at MPQ

End: 09.02.2023

Please register via the LSF for the seminar.