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QST: Quantum Refresher 2022 – Overview

  • Overview

Important information

Duration: The online course takes place from the 19.09-23.09.2022 in Zoom
Lecture: Monday-Friday 9:00-12:30 (online) in blocks of 30 min., paired with short active sessions
Tutorial: Monday-Friday 14:00-16:00 (online)
Lecturer: Björn Ladewig
Official communication: Slack workspace. Please register via the link you will receive with an official QST e-mail. Further information like Zoom links will be shared in Slack.

In case of problems or questions do not hesitate to contact Björn Ladewig.

Content of the Course

The course aims to create a common knowledge base of the most important basic concepts in quantum mechanics for students joining the Munich QST Master Program in the fall of 2022. Participation is optional. In the morning, we start with lecture sessions, which include small active parts. The lectures are supplemented by tutorials with extended exercises and question sessions in the afternoon.

The course offers a refresher on the following topics:

  • Basic mathematical description
  • Postulates of QM / Bra-Ket notation
  • Two-level systems / Bloch sphere / spin-1/2 in a magnetic field
  • Multi-qubit states and tensor products
  • Density matrices
  • Harmonic oscillator

Most lecturers in the QST Master program will assume that you know this material very well. Therefore, if you feel that refreshing some of these topics would be helpful, we strongly recommend to participate.

Availability of the course material

The course material will be made available via Slack and the “Physik Cloud LMU” during the course. Participants get access via a separate link and a password (via Slack). The Zoom lectures will be recorded, and (mostly unedited) recordings will be made available online a few hours later.

To keep the material available after the end of the course, a Moodle course (accessible for LMU and TUM members) was prepared: [s22] QST: Quantum Refresher.
If you like to get access, please write an email to Björn Ladewig to receive the enrolment key.