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Lecture and Tutorial: Colloids, Surfaces and Interfaces – Overview

The surface is the link between a body - a bubble, a piece of metal, a droplet - and the environment. As such, the surface is the place where many physical and chemical phenomena take place. These processes can be highly dependent on the interface under study: solid-liquid, liquid-gas, gas-solid, etc. One remarkable case is the dispersion of a solid in a liquid media, known as colloids. This particular example has impacted strongly in the development of areas such as nanoscience and nanotechnology.

This course provides a basic overview of surfaces, interfaces and colloidal systems. As such, it will merge physics concepts that strongly impact other disciplines such as chemistry, biology and materials science, among others. In this course we will cover the basic concepts, theories, experimental techniques and applications needed to understand different types of interfaces, surfaces and colloidal materials.


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Time and place

The lectures & tutorials will take place online.

Monday 16:00-18:00 c.t.
Tuesday 16:00-18:00 c.t.

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  • Introduction to Colloids, Surface and Interfaces
  • Intermolecular and Interparticle Forces
  • Surface and Interfacial Tensions
  • Fundamental Equations in Colloids and Surface Science
  • Surfactants and Self-assembly
  • Wetting and Adhesion
  • Adsorption on surfaces and colloids
  • Kinetics of Colloidal Systems
  • Optical Properties of Colloids
  • van der Waals and Electrical Forces in Colloids
  • DLVO Theory
  • Emulsions and Foams

Total credits: 6 ECTS


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Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Prof.Dr.Emiliano Cortés; Dr.Fedja J. Wendisch