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Seminar: Physics of Early Life – Übersicht

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Which biophysical processes could lead to the first living systems? How can Darwinian evolution be triggered by nonequilibrium processes? Can we build the strategies of life bottom up in the lab? The minimal requirements for the emergence of an evolutionary dynamics are three processes: replication, mutation, and selection. To maintain the genetic simulation, also a nonequilibrium system is needed. We will discuss recent progress in understanding this phase transition from nonliving to living matter. Topics will include experimental and theoretical treatments.

Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Fr 12.30-14.00 over Zoom

-------------- Seminar is online under this link --------------------

The Seminar is geared towards Masterstudents, however talented, late Bachelorstudents willing to digg deep into more special concepts are also welcome. Papers will focus on recent advances on the topic. The 13 Topics + Papers can downloaded soon here as one zip-file. On Friday 24.4. we meet on above Zoom link and discuss and distribute the topics.

Prof. Dieter Braun

(email: dieter.braun@lmu.de)

Overview over the topics (zip of papers here - updated to inclide #14,15)
The talk topics are all papers from the last year:
2 Predicting RNA folding
3 Why are RNA/DNA bases special in surviving UV?
4 Replication chemistry with immidazoles: catalytic and in cells
5 Polymerization at high concentrations
6 Nano-Vesiculation from lipid films
7 RNA biotechnology
8 Peptide ligation through Redox cycles
9 Ligation chain reactions for replications
10 Origin of tRNA
11 Chemical models and sloppy replications
12 Synthesizing long RNA with RNA-based
13 Life from a planetary perspective
14 Breeding IMP ligases with RNA
15 Fiber-based replication
(was #13a by Sijbren Otto in above list)

Times of the Seminar.
6.11. Introduction to the Seminar and distribution of topics (How to prepare a talk)
13.11. No talk yet
20.11. Talk #13 by Sebastian Jung (Talk)
27.11. Talk #7 by Matthias Gouder (Talk)
4.12. Talk missed out due to dispersed professor :)
11.12. Talk #3 Miguel Juanatey
18.12. Talk #4 by Felix Dänekamp (Talk)
15.1. Talk #8 by Georg Ladurner and Talk #10 by Alex Murr
22.1. Talk #2 by Gimar Goyal (Talk)
29.1. Talk #12 by Valentin Straub (Talk)
5.2. Talk Talk #5 by Tassilo Claus-Thilo

Please send the Schein (prefilled here) to dieter.braun@lmu.de by email. I will fit in the mark, stamp it and send it back. In parallel, I will email the marks to the Prüfungsamt (but for that need the Mat# from you from the Schein!).

We make the Magnetic DNA every Wednesday around 10.00 in our lab (only with FFP2 masks). Check out the assembly movie here.


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