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Vorlesung: Biophyiscs of Molecules – Overview

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About the lecture

Time and place

Lecture: Tuesday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m., Thursday 12 p.m. - 13 p.m.
Tutorial: Thursday 13 p.m. - 14 p.m.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Rädler
Prof. Dr. Tim Liedl

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Protein Structure, Function and Folding
Di 16.04.24 Introduction (V01)

Do 18.04.22 Organic Chemistry 101 (V02)

Di 23.04.24 Polymers, polypeptides, DNA, Proteins (V03)
Sugars, VdW, electrostatics, hydrogenbonds

Do 25.04.24 Crystallography (V04)

Di 30.04.24 Physical interactions of macromolecules (V05)
Random coil, Flory interaction, hydrophobic interaction, Afinsen hypothesis

Do 02.05.24 Protein folding - hydrophobic collapse (V06)
properties of amino acids, Ramachandra plot

Polymer Physics & Single Molecule Mechanics
Di 07.05.24 Molecular mechanics (V07)
Persistence length, Beam theory

Do 09.05.24 Feiertag

Di 14.05.24 Introduction to polymer physics (V08)
force-extension relation, Gaussian chain, semi-flexible chain

Do 16.05.24 Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy (V09) Tim
AFM, force spectroscopy, biotin-streptavidin, Titin, ...

Di 21.05.24 Torque spectroscopy & DNA mechanics (V10) Joachim
magnetic tweezers

Filaments & Motors
Do 23.05.24 Cytoskeleton filaments, Actin polymerization (V11)

Di 28.05.24 Polymerization force, thermal ratchet, treatmilling (V12)

Do 30.05.24 Feiertag

Di 04.06.24 ATP Hydrolysis, Enzymes (Michaelis Menton Kinetics) (V13)

Do 06.06.24 Molecular Motors (introduction and theory) (V14)

Di 11.06.24 Molecular Motors (cytoskeleton transport) (V15)

Do 13.06.24 Rotary Motors viral packaging (V16)

Macromolecular DNA & Protein Nanotechnology
Di 18.06.24 Nanopores (V17)

Do 20.06.24 Self-assembly (V18)

Di 25.06.24 Structure of DNA & RNA, Sequencing (V19)

Do 27.06.24 DNA & RNA secondary structure (V20)

Di 02.07.24 DNA Nanotechnology (V21)

Do 04.07.24 Protein Design (V22)

Di 09.07.24 KLAUSUR