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Radiation Protection for Medical Applications: physical, legal and practical aspects – Overview

About the lecture

Time and place

Monday, 16:15 - 17:45 s.t., Lecture Room H 537, Schellingstrasse 4, 5th floor
Begin: 15.04.2024
End: 15.07.2024

Registration via LSF requested

Welcome to the Lecture on "Radiation Protection for Medical Applications: Physical, Legal, Practical Aspects"  in the Summer Term 2023 !

Content of the Lecture:

 - Introduction - Radiation Physics Basics  - International Framework for Radiation Protection

 - Radiation Protection in Germany - Role of the Medical Physics Expert

 - Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation Exposure

 - Natural Radiation and Radiation Risk Assessment

 - Radiation Risk during Pregnancy - Practical Radiation Protection Zones and Contamination Handling

 - Radiation Protection Equipment  and Nuclear Safeguards

 - Radiological Accidents and Accident Prevention in Radiotherapy 

 - Handling and Storage of Radioactive Components and Waste

 - Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine

 - Radiation Protection in Brachytherapy

 - Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy

 - Secondary Radiation and Shielding Design for Accelerator-based Facilities

 - Radiation Protection for Space Missions

Recommended Literature:

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 - Jürgen Kiefer, Strahlen und Gesundheit, Wiley VCH  (in German)

 - Nilsson, Bo N., Exercises with Solutions in Radiation Physics, de Gruyter open, https://www.degruyter.com/viewbooktoc/product/460840

 - Hans-Gerrit Vogt, Jan-Willem Vahlbruch, Grundzüge des praktischen Strahlenschutzes, Hanser, 2019 (in German)

 - Jan-Willem Vahlbruch, Hans-Gerrit Vogt, Fit für den technischen Strahlenschutz, Hanser 2019, 200 Aufgaben zum sicheren Umgang mit Quellen ionisierender Strahlung, berücksichtigt StrlSchV/StrlSchG Stand 2019  (exercises, in German)

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