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Emergence of Life in the Universe – Übersicht

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Friday 12.00-15.00 Kleiner Physikhörsaal N020

We will explore the the Emergence of life from the perspective of Astrophysics, Organic Chemistry and Non-equilibrium Physics. It is a 3 hour lecture followed by a one hour seminar, yielding in total 6 ECTS. The lecture is geared towards master students, but also open to other disciplines and backgrounds. The lecture is part of the Biophysics Program of the Physics Master.

We divide the topic into the following topics which we will present in an interlinked lecture
- Universe to Planets with Christian Rab / Barbara Ercolano (4 lectures)
- Early Geochemistry with Bettina Scheu (2 Lectures)
- Chemistry of Life with Oliver Trapp (3 lectures)
- Nonequilibrium for Evolution with Dieter Braun (3 lectures)
- Microfluidics and Finite element simulations with Christof Mast (1 lecture)

Seminar topics and Papers (pwd below, use 7z in case others do not work).

The lecture will be tested by an oral exam at the end of the Semester. Please send me a PDF of the fully filled out Schein by email before the exam. The mark will be a weighted average of your impression in the Seminar and the oral exam. We are helding the lecture in the Kleine Physikhörsaal and we will mix the topics to keep it more interesting.

The recorded Zooms of the lecture in SS21 and the new recordings are found on LMUCast
Added recorded zooms to above in this semester SS22

All below lectures in one zip-file

19.04. Universe to Planets and Molecules 1 (Christian Rab)

26.04. Chemistry of Life 1 (Oliver Trapp)

03.05. Early Earth Geoscience 1 (Bettina Scheu)
Seminar Topic#

10.05. Nonequilibrium and Evolution 1 (Dieter Braun)
Seminar Topic 4 Cedric

17.05. Microfluidics and Simulations (Christof Mast)
Seminar Topic 25 Jonathan

24.05. Chemistry of Life 2 (Oliver Trapp)
Seminar Topic 22 Ina

31.05. Universe to Planets and Molecules 2 (Christian Rab)
Seminar Topic #

07.06. Nonequilibrium and Evolution 2 (Dieter Braun)
Seminar Topic 3 Kevin

14.06. Early Earth Geoscience 2 (Bettina Scheu)
Seminar Topic 30 Surya

21.06. Universe to Planets and Molecules 3 (Christian Rab)
Seminar Topic 23 Johannes

28.06. Chemistry of Life 3 (Oliver Trapp)
Seminar Topic 21 Mauro

05.07. Universe to Planets and Molecules 4 (Christian Rab)
Seminar Topic 24 Sophie

12.07. Nonequilibrium and Evolution 3 (Dieter Braun)
Seminar Topic#

19.07. Molecular Origins Munich (MOM) meeting - please join, it does not need registration and is free

26.7. Oral exam slots (email Dieter Braun for getting on the list):

Time Vorname Name
10.30 Ina Taxis
11.00 Cedric Wehrum
11.30 Jonathan Wiese
12.00 Sophie Lange
12.30 Surya Shivaprasad
13.00 Johannes Gast


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