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TMP-TA3 – Overview


About the lecture

Time and place

Lecture: Wed 14-16, Fri 12 - 14, both Theresienstr. 37, A 449 / and via zoom
Tutorial: Tue 12-14, Theresienstr. 37, A 249


  • The retake exam will take place on Sep. 19, 2022, from 08:00 - 12:00 in Theresienstr. 39 - B 005.
  • To participate in the retake exam, please register by informal email to Fabian.GrusdtATphysik.uni-muenchen.de with your name and Matrikelnr. until Sep. 12.
  • The main exam review will take place on Aug. 11, from 13:00 - 15:00 as announced to all participants by email.
  • Please register for the exam until July 29 by writing a short email with your name and Matrikelnr. to: Fabian.GrusdtATphysik.uni-muenchen.de
  • The final exam will take place on Aug. 08, 2022, from 08:00 - 12:00 in Schellingstr. 4 - H 030 Physik
  • The first lecture will take place on Wed Apr. 27, 14:00 (c.t.) in a hybrid format.
  • All lectures will be recorded and will be availbale for registered participants for download.
  • An email with the zoom link will be sent out to all participants registered on LSF until Tue Apr. 26.
  • The first tutorial (a short one) will take place on Tue May 03, first solutions will be presented in the tutorial on Tue May 10.

ECTS / Scheine

Successful participation (requires passing the final exam) gives 9 ECTS-points

The lecture is accompanied by a weekly tutorial.

To receive a certificate please fill out the templates for exam 08.08.2022 or for exam 19.09.2022 with your personal data and submit the form to Cordula.Weber@physik.uni-muenchen.de
The completed certificate (signed and sealed) will be forwarded to the Examination Office, unless otherwise requested.

Topics and organization:


Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Dr. Fabian Grusdt