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TC3: Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spaces – Overview

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Topic overview:

This lecture represents an elementary introduction to the tree-level theory of quantum fields on curved spacetimes. The essential structures relevant for a precise development are introduced at the level of classical mechanics and quantum mechanics. Once the level of presentation is sufficiently abstract, these concepts are lifted to infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems with a focus on massive scalar fields. Our approach to the corresponding quantum theory on globally hyperbolic backgrounds consists of two steps: In the first step the algebra of observables is constructed and studied, and in the second step a physical state concept is introduced in accordance with the usual interpretation of quantum systems. Finally the framework is applied to a thorough analysis of the so-called Unruh-effect and Hawking effect. If time permits an outlook beyond tree-level physics will be given.


Most information will be distributed using Moodle in which you log in with your LMU account and use the course password "Hurnu" following this link:



  • Wald, Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime and Black Hole Thermodynamics
  • Bär et al., Wave equations on Lorentzian manifolds and Quantisation
  • Wald, General Relativity
  • Schottenloher, Geometrie und Symmetrie in der Physik
  • Araki, Mathematical Theory of QFT

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