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Computational Methods for Molecular Evolution – Übersicht

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Computational methods to analyze the first steps of Life in sequence space.

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Monday 12.30-14.00 Kleiner Physikhörsaal N020

This course aims to learn methods and coding to approach the analysis of molecular evolution. Depending on the interest of the audience, we can make introduction or advanced courses in Labview and Comsol with a focus on what is needed to address nonequilibrium systems for the Emergence of Darwinian evolution.

-------------- Please bring your notebook to install the virtual machine -----------------


25.4. Introduction to the Course. Intro to Virtualboxes (Movie on installing VirtualBox) and defining of topics. Temporary download for LabView and Comsol intro.

9.5. Read+Write data from ASCII, Igor and Intro to HDF5. Files for Course and... Programmes LabView: Load from Igor and Spreadsheet
       Links for HDF5-File format: Binary Files and LabView Calls using h5labview

16.5. Controls, Clusters, Shiftregisters

23.5. Fitting. Simple fitting. 2D Gaussian Fit.

31.5.Tips and Tricks in programming complex VIs

6.6. No Lecture (Pfingsmontag)

13.6. Analog-Digital input/output with Labview

20.6. Vorlesung fällt wegen CRC 235 Summerschool auf Frauenchiemsee aus

27.6. Start with Comsol

3.7. Convection and Laminar Flow

11.7. Electrostatics of a Quadruplex field (Comsol file)

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