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T6: Self-organisation and pattern formation – Overview


Prof. Dr. Erwin Frey

Please make sure to sign up for the lecture as well as the central tutorial by April 15.

Once you are admitted to the course, you will receive a password to enrol on Moodle (presumably starting from Friday, April 9).

In order to attend this course, you must first enrol on LSF. The coordination of the lecture and tutorial classes will take place on Moodle and only the most relevant information will be published here on the website. Once you have been admitted to the lecture (please check your LSF schedule) you will receive an e-mail on your campus account with further information on how to access the Moodle page. If you have been admitted to the lecture but did not receive an e-mail regarding the lecture, please contact A.Ziepke@physik.lmu.de.

Zoom Link

We will not publish the links for the lectures on this website for privacy reasons. Instead, use Moodle to have access to the lectures (see above).

Organization of the Lecture

Until further notice, the lecture takes place online (please check Moodle for further information) on:

  • Wednesday, 10:00 c.t. - 12:00,
  • Thursday, 10:00 c.t. - 12:00,

starting on 14.04.2021.

Credits: 4 SWS lecture + 2 SWS exercise class, 9 ECTS